International Workshop on
Correlated Dynamics in Energy Conversion – IWCE 2019

The fundamental mechanisms underlying energy conversion in a material are the generation, transport, and transformation of excitations. These processes are determined by the interaction of excitations in the electron, spin and atom degrees of freedom. Until now, our understanding of excitation dynamics in materials is based on single particle descriptions, but these break down entirely for systems with strong correlations between the different degrees of freedom. At the same time, strongly correlated processes offer exceptional and unexpected new properties, so that a deeper understanding of their dynamics is a very promising direction to optimize energy conversion steps.

The aim of this interdisciplinary workshop is to identify and present some of the most fascinating examples of strongly correlated energy conversion steps. The dialectical and interactive format of the workshop will allow for comprehensive discussions in the following topical areas:

  • Impact of electron‐electron and electron‐spin correlations on excitations and transient states.
  • Correlated electron dynamics in 2D materials.
  • Polaron excitations and dynamics in energy conversion.
  • Proton-coupled electron transfer.
  • Electron transfer induced processes at interfaces.
  • Role of phonon interactions on energy dissipation and heat transport.

Presentations from outstanding experimentalists and theorists in physics, chemistry, and materials science are planned and will include invited tandem talks, invited and contributed presentations, flash sessions, and posters.

We welcome your contribution to IWCE 2019 and promise you an exciting workshop, identifying and discussing new paradigms for energy conversion.

Looking forward to seeing you in Göttingen!

Christian Jooss, Sven Schneider

On behalf of the IWCE 2019 Scientific Committee:
Fabian Heidrich-Meisner, Christian Jooss, Stefan Mathias, Claus Ropers, Inke Siewert and Cynthia Volkert


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